ICT Consultancy

IT may not be your core business but your company probably can’t do without IT…

You need an extra staff member for a long or short time period for a specific project or role in your organization?.

We have over 15 years of experience in working with various companies in governmental and private sectors.

Our primary goals are to provide Industry Standard ICT Solutions to our clients.

We “only” supply our knowledge and are not restricted or bound by any partnerships to “push” specific technologies or solutions.

We service our clients successfully, through understanding of their needs, expectations, goals and corporate culture.

Willingness to transfer accumulated knowledge to anyone in the organization on any level.

We can assist in the following domains:

Infrastructure architect (platform independent)
systems Engineer (platform independent)
Application Packager
Virtualisation Engineer
Citrix Engineer
Help-desk officer (skilled)
Application Engineer (technical)
Project manager